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If you’ve got one of these K series Astra’s, specifically from Feb 2016 onwards and with the 1L Ecoflex engine (the B10XFL), you’ll likely struggle to find much information on the oil change process so since I’ve just done one let me walk you through it. Now like I said this is the 1L Ecoflex engine, the engine code B10XFL, and in the 2016 and onwards series of Opel or Vauxhaull Astra. 

The parts you’ll need here are a new filter, that’s easily found at euro car parts, a new sump plug and washer, that can be bought from your local dealership and since I’ve got one here’s the exact part number. You’ll also need 4L of 5W30 that is either dexos 1 or 2 spec, or has these qualities on screen. 

As for tools, you will need some sort of oil filter wrench or socket as the filter is incredibly close and almost tucked up into the block meaning you can’t get your hand round it to twist it free. You’ll also need both 7mm and 15mm sockets, an oil catch pan and a funnel, and a way to get your car in the air, be it ramps or jacks and jackstands. 

The process is pretty simple. Lift the front of the car, in our case we jacked the car up, placed it on jackstands relatively level, then you can get under the car and remove the driver’s side undertray. There are a whole load of 7mm screws you’ll need to take out and do be careful to not round or snap any as they are a pain to sort. Once the tray is out the way, you can place your drain pan under the sump plug, get your 15mm socket on there and crack it open. It’s a good idea to wear gloves for this bit as the oil starts dribbling out immediately. 

You can let it empty fully which will take a while to dribble all out, then fit the new plug. I’m afraid I couldn’t find an exact torque spec for this so if you know please do leave it in a comment below and I’ll pin it. Once that’s tight, you can take a stab at the oil filter. We tried using my dreadful chain wrench which never fits right, then we swapped to my oil filter socket which once hammered in fully had just enough purchase to twist it free. 

Now you can fit the new filter, remember to lubricate the seal with some oil, and since this is an upright filter I took the opportunity to pre-fill it so the engine wouldn’t start dry. Then it goes up and screws back in, hand tight. 

Now you can stick the under tray back on, then drop the car so it’s level and get filling. This engine needs almost exactly 4L of fluid including the filter. Fill about 3.5L, then start the engine to fill the passages and bleed the filter, then shut it off and check the level. Fill to between the center and max and you are done. Double check for leaks under, then jump inside and reset the oil life indicator by holding the ok/reset button on the end of the left stalk and that’s it finished.



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