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How not to replace BMW F10 Subframe Bushings…

This video is a bit of a warning, if you are going to attempt to replace your F10 5 series rear subframe bushings, don’t do


BMW N57 Oil Change Guide – F10 5 Series Oil Service

Much to my surprise, doing an oil change on this relatively new BMW isn’t impossibly difficult, in fact you don’t need any special tools! You


BMW 5 Series Brake Fluid Flush & Bleed – F10 Guide

Do you have a spongy brake pedal, less than ideal braking force, or feel like you need to pump the pedal to get it firm?

BMW Videos

Should you buy a 10 year old BMW 5 Series?

Should you buy a 10 year old F10 BMW 5 Series? Lets talk you through why you might, and might not, and review my friend’s


BMW Announce Facelifted M5, Competition & M Sport 5 Series

The BMW M5 has always been heralded as the best high performance saloon on the road, so to hear the new range is out and