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Should You Buy a CAT N Car? 2 Year Update

Two years ago I made a video with this BMW 530D, talking about if you should buy a CAT N car. While I think my

BMW Videos

BMW 5 Series Rear Shocks and Springs Replacement

When your friend sends you a clip that looks like this, you pack your car full of tools and drive straight to the parts store

BMW Videos

BMW’s Subscription Scam – and it’s just the start…

You might have heard that BMW is planning to charge you for the privilege of using the heated seats already in your car, but it’s

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High End EVs Driven – BMW i4, Audi e-tron GT, Mercedes EQS, Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback

I got the chance to drive some of the higher end EVs on the market, like the BMW i4 M50, Audi e-tron GT, Mercedes EQS

BMW Videos

How not to replace BMW F10 Subframe Bushings…

This video is a bit of a warning, if you are going to attempt to replace your F10 5 series rear subframe bushings, don’t do

BMW Videos

My Thoughts on the NEW M3 & M4 (G80)

You’ve probably seen the reviews of BMW’s new M3 and M4, the G80 model new for 2021. Now I should make it clear I’ve not

BMW Videos

BMW N57 & N54 Common Problems

BMW’s N47 and N57 engines have some pretty serious and potentially catastrophic common issues you should know about. So here’s everything you need to know,

BMW Videos

Should you buy a 10 year old BMW 5 Series?

Should you buy a 10 year old F10 BMW 5 Series? Lets talk you through why you might, and might not, and review my friend’s

New BMW M4 Front

BMW Reveals the New Face of the M4 & M4 GT3

BMW have been slowly growing the size of their “Kidney Grilles” on the front of their cars over the years, and the new generation of


BMW Teases Brand New M3 Touring

I know it’s not a lot to go on, but thanks to BMW’s Instagram we have a tease of what’s to come in 2022. Finally,