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Electric Videos

The EV Charger Crisis

Electric vehicles are fantastic. The punch you get with the instant throttle response, the insanely good efficiency, the crazy low running cost, and the time

Electric Videos

Why I’m not afraid of electric cars

This is a bit of a follow up to last week’s video on ‘the last petrol supercar’. That one focuses on the future of the


Hyperion XP-1 – A Hydrogren Electric Supercar That Does 221MPH

The Hyperion XP-1 is an incredibly unique electric supercar. It doesn’t use batteries, instead supercapacitors and hydrogen. It’s from an American startup and has a

Electric Hyundai

Hyundai Announce New EV Brand “IONIQ”

Hyundai already have a car named the “IONIQ”, it’s their Prius rival, but now they are taking it a step further. Much like SEAT’s “CUPRA”

Electric VW

VW’s New ID.3 – All new and looks promising

Volkswagen isn’t completely new to the EV world, the e-Up! and the e-Golf are both well reviewed cars offering good range, comfort and styling all

Electric Seat

SEAT’s Striking All Electric CUPRA, the EL-BORN

The new CUPRA el-Born looks like it’s picked straight out of a sci-fi film. Under the near-reptilian skin, it’s a VW ID.3. It uses the