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Peugeot 308 Brake Pads and Discs Replacement (GONE WRONG!)

This is the video the Peugeot dealership sent to the owner of this 308, and this is the invoice to replace just the front brake

BMW Videos

BMW 5 Series Rear Shocks and Springs Replacement

When your friend sends you a clip that looks like this, you pack your car full of tools and drive straight to the parts store


How to: Mini Tie Rod Replacement

Unsurprisingly our R50 Mini is broken again. The inner tie rods are shot – enough that we got an advisory on our latest MOT –


BMW F10 5 Series Rear Subframe Removal & Replacement

This F10 530d you’ve seen on the channel before is, unsurprisingly, broken again. I did a video a few months ago now recounting how we


Mini Boot Gas Strut Replacement

If your boot just won’t stay up, this ONE SIMPLE REPAIR WILL SORT YOU RIGHT OUT! Ok, jokes aside this is a really, really easy


Mini Cooper Auxiliary Belt Replacement (No Special Tools!)

Working on a Mini Cooper is a bit of a pain because, well, it’s “Mini”. There is no space for anything in here, including to


Audi 3.0 TFSI Leaking Valve Cover Gaskets Replacement

I recently had the car up in the air to diagnose a rattling exhaust on startup – it turned out it was my replacement centre


Audi A4/S4 Front Upper Control Arms Replacement – The Damn Pinch Bolt!!

If you have an Audi A4, A5, Q5 or some VW Passats and other VAG group cars, you might just have this style of 4


Mini Driveshaft Boot Replacement – Doing it the hard way…

Unsurprisingly, more stuff is broken on my now almost 16 year old BMW Mini (Cooper 1.6 manual R50 from 2006), so it’s time to fix


Mini Front Brake Disc Replacement

I’ve finally wrapped up all the servicing and repairs that needed doing on our Mini, if you haven’t seen the other videos I highly recommend