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Volkswagen isn’t completely new to the EV world, the e-Up! and the e-Golf are both well reviewed cars offering good range, comfort and styling all while looking almost identical to their explosive counterparts. But, this new range they call “ID”, is quite different. The ID.3 is their Golf replacement, offering 150kW (201HP, 204PS) of power to the rear wheels, and either a 58kWh battery meaning it should do a little over 400km (264 miles) per charge, or a 77kWh option that’ll do 549km (341 miles) on a charge.

ID.3 from behind

The whole car has been redesigned, inside and out. It’s got quite a new look, making you stand out from the crowd. Some might not like that approach as one of the main selling points of the e-Up! and eGolf was it’s understated design. Regardless, I do quite like the look and does scream “next generation”.

Inside the car you’ll find a renewed interior with a driver focued central display, a pretty small instrument cluster display and a number of what look like capacitive buttons on the steering wheel. The cabin does look pretty open thanks to a low central armrest and a lot of visibility from the windows. And ambient lighting too, of course.

ID.3 Interior

Charging is obviously something to consider when buying an EV, the ID.3 has it’s port where the fuel filler neck would normally be found, and can charge at up to 125kW. That means in theory, with the smaller 58kWh battery model, you can fully charge the battery in around half an hour. For the 77kWh model, that’s more like 40 minutes.

ID.3 Charging

While you won’t be able to make use of Tesla’s Supercharging network, you can use any of the 150,000 charge points across Europe including a number of different providers here in the UK. Zap Map is a great way to find a charger near you, should you need one.

If you are interested in an ID.3, It looks like it’ll start at 35574.95 EUR, with the 77kWh model costing a bit more, 40936.31 EUR, but do remember the government may give you some money off that to help you out. And of course lower running costs help too.

Volkswagen have a full article if you want to check out more about the ID.3, plus a video I’ll link below.



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