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Gordon Murray, the legendary Formula 1 designer, and the genius behind the McLaren F1, is back with his own car and it’s a stunner. Here is the headline figures: 963KG; 663BHP; 334lb ft of Torque; 12,100rpm rev limit; 71% of the torque from just 2,500rpm.

T50 from behind

This is a monster of an automobile. Not only is it the same three-abrest seating position with the driver right out the front over the front wheels, but it has a Cosworth V12, custom gearbox and a massive fan with active areo on to keep the car planted, yet looking sleek.

The fan, which is rather visible from the rear, has intakes both along the upper spine of the car, and from the undertray with adjustable valves on each so when the driver changes driving modes they can change the behaviour and handling. In “streamline” mode, the vents on the floor close, the ones on the top open and the fan spins up to full not only reducing drag by 12.5%, but also providing 15KG of thrust. Seriously. Then there is the active aero, the small spoiler flaps either side of the fan that can move up into an air brake position, or again in “streamline” mode, sit at -10° relative to the body, helping to reduce drag too.

T.50 Interior

Inside the T.50, you’ll find the central seating position, much like the McLaren F1, with the two passengers sitting either side, just behind, the driver.

It’s a manual – and a stunning one at that. The linkage is exposed making for true engineering artwork on show. The interior is kept simple, much like the exterior with only the necessary buttons and switches, all within the drivers’ reach.

Murray said his ethos for the car was to right all the wrongs he made with the F1, from little styling tweaks at the rear end, to passenger air vents but kept the same formula of ‘if you start light everything else gets better”. Sure, the Bugatti Chiron has a little over 2 times the horsepower, but it’s 2 times the weight too. When you add the ground effect based downforce and active aero you get one hell of a fast car.

If you want one, you’ll have to check the back of the sofa for a cool £2.36 million, plus taxes, and there aren’t many left (if any). They are making 100 in total, 2/3rds were pre-sold before even announcing it. This is one serious, and amazing, hyper car. Oh, and it seems like Mr Murray has been picking the buyers based on if they will actually use them, so you might see one out on the road soon too!

Top Gear did an amazing video showing off the T.50, and it’s predeccesor the F1, I’ll leave it below for you to check out.



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