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BMW’s N47 and N57 engines have some pretty serious and potentially catastrophic common issues you should know about. So here’s everything you need to know, including the service schedule!

  • Maintenance schedule
    • Oil change every 5-10k miles
    • Air filters every 2-3 services 
    • Zf8hp after 60k miles /8 years – less if you tow
  • Timing chain
    • At the rear of the engine so engine out to replace
    • Regular oil changes help, DONT FOLLOW BMW RECOMMENDED
    • Around 100K miles
  • EGR clogs, either clean or remove (do at your own risk)
  • DPF – long journeys needed regularly to do DPF regenerate
  • Glow plugs – fragile, careful when extracting. Could be module instead 
  • Crankshaft pulley/damper – apparently cracks and splits at 100k miles
  • Injector seal/injectors
  • Swirl flaps – brass rod fails
  • Sensors – we have personal experience with this. Issues can be masked, no error codes thrown. Massive pain.
  • Turbos can fail at higher mileages


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