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Restoring your Headlights is easier than you’d think…

The headlights on our little Mini are yellowed, blurry and not all that bright – so much so that we got an advisory on the


BMW F10 5 Series Rear Subframe Removal & Replacement

This F10 530d you’ve seen on the channel before is, unsurprisingly, broken again. I did a video a few months ago now recounting how we

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The EV Charger Crisis

Electric vehicles are fantastic. The punch you get with the instant throttle response, the insanely good efficiency, the crazy low running cost, and the time

Dacia Videos

THE CHEAPEST NEW SUV – Dacia Duster 2022 Review

The Dacia Duster is the cheapest new SUV on the market, and it’s surprisingly decent. It really makes you question if it’s worth spending twice


Mini Boot Gas Strut Replacement

If your boot just won’t stay up, this ONE SIMPLE REPAIR WILL SORT YOU RIGHT OUT! Ok, jokes aside this is a really, really easy

BMW Videos

BMW’s Subscription Scam – and it’s just the start…

You might have heard that BMW is planning to charge you for the privilege of using the heated seats already in your car, but it’s


SO DANGEROUS!! Regen Braking Explained

I’d normally film this sort of video in my car, but with the insane temperatures outside, I think I’ll stick to the safety of indoors.


Dashcams Explained – Why you NEED one!

In this video I want to cover everything you need to know about dashcams, starting with why you need one, then how to pick the


Mini Cooper Auxiliary Belt Replacement (No Special Tools!)

Working on a Mini Cooper is a bit of a pain because, well, it’s “Mini”. There is no space for anything in here, including to

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Suzuki Ignis Hybrid Review – Seriously Cheap, Impressively Good

If you’d believe it, this is a 1.2L hybrid, it kind of fits the “mild hybrid” name to the extreme, because this isn’t a hybrid