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Racing Point F1 Car
Formula 1

Racing Point F1 Team Penalty – Points removed, fined

Racing Point got off to a great start with the delayed 2020 F1 season, with a second row lockout in Hungary and top 10 finishes


Gordon Murray’s F1 Sucessor – GMA T.50

Gordon Murray, the legendary Formula 1 designer, and the genius behind the McLaren F1, is back with his own car and it’s a stunner. Here

Electric VW

VW’s New ID.3 – All new and looks promising

Volkswagen isn’t completely new to the EV world, the e-Up! and the e-Golf are both well reviewed cars offering good range, comfort and styling all


Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Breaks Records

Honda’s hot-hatch Civic Type R has a new Limited Edition version that just set a new lap record at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The


BMW Announce Facelifted M5, Competition & M Sport 5 Series

The BMW M5 has always been heralded as the best high performance saloon on the road, so to hear the new range is out and

Electric Seat

SEAT’s Striking All Electric CUPRA, the EL-BORN

The new CUPRA el-Born looks like it’s picked straight out of a sci-fi film. Under the near-reptilian skin, it’s a VW ID.3. It uses the